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Spring 2021 Course Offerings

“CARE as Radical Expression”

Gatherings start February 14, 2021

Miranda T., Forever hart ❤️ , 2021.

For IAFS’s second term, we offer a variety of opportunities to explore creative practices and radical possibilities related to care.

Registration opens January 20, 2021 and closes to the public on February 13. Participants should register individually for each course they want to join.

All courses are offered for FREE! As a mutual aid community, all participants are invited to complete our mutual aid form to offer their needs, wishes, gifts and abilities. When money is required, we practice a decentralized, non-hierarchical, voluntary, and transparent process of mutual finance. Giving opportunities are posted here.

Our Spring 2021 schedule of offerings provides ongoing, weekly, monthly, and one-time opportunities for learning. All courses meet synchronously through live Zoom gatherings. Some courses provide asynchronous guidelines through our electronic message board. Scroll down for complete course descriptions.

One-time Gatherings

Many Ways To Say I Love You Too: Caring in a Childlike Manner

Sunday, February 28, 2021 – 10am-12pm PST (18:00-20:00 GMT)

Commitment: Super casual drop-in style

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In the prior class we talked about ways of dismantling fascism in a childlike manner. In this class we will take a step back and examine the ways children show care and how anyone, regardless of age, can show care and allyship. As always, a read-aloud book would be included at the beginning of the class (tbd) and then we would look into ways the youth have always been a part of radical movements. From protests to tiktok, youths have always been a part of radical change. So why is it as adults we allow ourselves to become more jaded? What does it mean to truly be an ally? What does it mean to care? How can we as adults show love as relentlessly as children do? How can we create change through care in our every day actions? For a project we will all make an accordion book about ways we show care & what our big child like wish for change could look like. More info →

Volunteer facilitator: Sara Knight

Monthly Gatherings

Sketchbooking with the Moon

Sundays near the New Moon, 11am-1pm PST (19:00-21:00 GMT)

February 14, March 14, April 11, May 9, future dates TBD

Commitment: Participant commitment is important. Facilitators are dedicating time and care to preparation, participants should plan to attend as often as possible and communicate absences. Curious people are invited to drop-in.

Registration is CLOSED.

What can our sketchbooks teach us about ourselves and about the world? The purpose of this course is to create a open environment for grounding, sharing, and growing together. Most classes will function as a space for studio time, work share, and round table discussions. More info →

Volunteer facilitator: Mara Ramirez

The Art of Grief: Grieving as an Act of Defiance

Sundays in the Waning Moon, 11am-1pm PST (19:00-21:00 GMT)

March 7, April 4, May 2, June 6

Commitment: Casual drop-in as needed

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Our course will explore different ways of healing in community through grief’s multiplicities. We feel strongly that people need a space to come together in a gentle environment to grieve many different aspects of human experience, and that doing just this is an act of defiance today. With an emphasis on studio art and storytelling, we’ll focus our strengths as emotional humans into healing, in our daily lives and with our art practices. We will think about how to combat incomplete processes of grieving and allow people to have a safe space for sharing their own experiences when it comes to community healing. More info →

Volunteer facilitators: Sam Companatico, Isabella Hare


Sundays in the Waxing Moon, 11am-1pm PST (19:00-21:00 GMT)

February 21, March 21, April 18, May 16

Commitment: Participant commitment is important. Facilitators are dedicating time and care to preparation, participants should plan to attend as often as possible and communicate absences. Curious people are invited to drop-in.

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CRAFT seeks to create a space to encourage ongoing conversation about the work we are making currently, to discuss the issue of craft as it relates to art both historically and at the moment. CRAFT is conceived as part critique, part skill sharing, part exploration of problems and history around this potent topic. What is the history of craft in relation to the fine art world? What can historical and recent examples of attempts to bring art and craft into direct dialog say to us? We’ll take as a starting point William Morris’ idea that art and craft are inevitably tied to each other and to labor. The Arts and Crafts Movement; Bauhaus in Germany; and Mingei movement in Japan and examples of contemporary efforts to bridge art and craft, will be discussed, mulled over and composted into our thinking about how art and craft function in our own making. The course is envisioned as a monthly meeting with time for sharing, critique, presentation of techniques and discussions of the history and theory of craft. When do we emerge from “Art for Art Sake?” More info →

Volunteer facilitator: Art Hazelwood

Long Con: A Series of Classes With a Community End Goal in Sight

Sundays near the Full Moon , 11am-1pm PST (19:00-21:00 GMT)

March 28, April 25, May 23, Jun 20

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Commitment: Participant commitment is important. Facilitators are dedicating time and care to preparation, participants should plan to attend as often as possible and communicate absences.

Over the next coming months we will be working on creating our first show as a free school, presenting work and documentation of our first two semesters and claiming our space in the Bay Area arts community. Once a month a different community committee will have a class teaching the rest of the community skills that not only benefit us as individuals, but as a free school as a whole. All the while helping us reach our end goal of a spring show. More info →

Volunteer facilitator: Sara Knight

Artists of Color Gathering

Mondays near the New Moon , 5:30-6:30pm PST (1:30-2:30 GMT)

February 15, March 15, April 12, May 10, June 14

Commitment: Casual drop-in as needed

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Simple virtual community studio time for artists of color. Work on stuff, share about current projects and events, connect with other artists of color. How can artists of color support one another in their creative practices and help to guide IAFS? More info →

Volunteer Facilitator: Elizabeth Travelslight

Weekly Gatherings

Artist as Facilitator: Visual Assembly Lab

Every Thursday 10am-12pm PST (18:00-20:00 GMT)

February 18- May 6, additional dates TBD

Commitment: Participant commitment is essential. (“We are the curriculum!”) Facilitators are dedicating considerable time and care to preparation, participants should plan to attend all course meetings and communicate absences. Curious people are invited to drop-in.

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This course is laboratory for artists and organizers to experiment with aesthetics and creative forms of public action in a pandemic. In particular we will explore the questions: “What is Visual Assembly?” (Dubrovsky & Graeber, and “What is the role of artist-as-facilitator in the visualization of economies of care?”. This course is guided toward the goal of supporting widespread international participation in the October 11, 2021 international Visual Assembly: “What is a Museum?” in collaboration with our friends at the Museum of Care. More info →

Volunteer facilitators: Marguerite Maggie Bacon, Tj Gabbour, Elizabeth Travelslight


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A visual representation of our virtual school community using colored nodes and connections on a black background. Reminscent of images from particle physics.
IAFS Spring 2021 School Map